Recognition of an outstanding teaching assistant (T.A.) in an Economics course is made at the end of each Fall-Winter session. Each year’s recipient is awarded the sum of $100 and a letter of commendation from the Department Chair.

All T.A.s assigned to Department of Economics course-sections are eligible for nomination. A T.A. may be nominated by his/her instructor-supervisor and/or, if he/she has duties that involve direct interaction with other students, he/she may self-nominate.

Any T.A. who has duties that involve direct interaction with other students may elect to be evaluated formally by those students at the same time as and in a manner similar to the formal evaluation of his/her instructor-supervisor. All such T.A.s who wish to self-nominate for the Award must consent to be evaluated in this way. T.A.s who wish to be evaluated but not considered for the Award will, in due course, have their evaluations delivered to them unexamined by any intervening handler. The evaluations of self-nominated T.A.s will be delivered to them having been examined only by the members of the Award Adjudication Committee and only for the purposes of deciding on the Award recipient.

Students will be asked to rate on a five-point scale a consenting T.A.’s performance in relation to each of the following criteria:

1. Attitude towards teaching and students in general
2. Grasp of subject matter
3. Clarity and effectiveness of communication
4. Ability to motivate and engage students
5. Conveyance of interest and enthusiasm for subject matter
6. Preparedness for tutorials and/or office hours
7. Approachability and accessibility
8. Provision of direction in problem solving

They will also be given ample space on the evaluation form to write comments. T.A.s nominated for the Award by their instructor-supervisors will be evaluated by the latter using precisely the same form.

The Award Adjudication Committee will comprise the Chair, the T.A. Mentor, and a second faculty member selected by the Chair after the close of nominations, which will be 4:00 p.m. three weeks before the last day of the classes in the relevant term. The Committee will decide the winner(s) (if any) of the Award by mid-April on the basis of the submitted evaluations of the nominated T.A.s.

Self-nomination for the Award and/or consent to formal in-class evaluation must be sent in writing from the T.A.’s Connect account to both the Departmental Administrator and the T.A. Mentor.

Award Recipients

Derek Mikola
Ph.D. Economics
ECON 3920 A, ECON 4707 A, ECON 4905 C & ECON 5027 F
Joshua Brault
Ph.D. Economics
ECON 2220 E & ECON 3601 B
Michelle Laing
Ph.D. Economics
ECON 3706 A & ECON 4890 A
shaun-byck(15) 2016
Shaun D. Byck
M.A. Economics
ECON 2009 I
viktoria-galociova 2016
Viktoria Galociova
M.A. Economics
ECON 2202 E
mohanad-salameh.jpg 2015
Mohanad Salameh
M.A. Economics
ECON 4706 A
matthew-strathearn.jpg 2015
Matthew C. Strathearn
Ph.D. Economics
ECON 4707 A
laura-sonley.jpg 2014
Laura Sonley
M.A. Economics
ECON 3300 A
scott-bacon.jpg 2013
Scott P. Bacon
M.A. Economics
Writing Tutorial Service
larisa-ann-droll.jpg 2012
Larisa Ann D. Droll
M.A. International Affairs
ECON 2102 H
afshan-dar.jpg 2011
Afshan A. Dar
Ph.D. Economics
ECON 1000 D01 & D03
derek-olmstead.jpg 2011
Derek E.H. Olmstead
Ph.D. Economics
ECON 4020 A
daniele-costanzo.jpg 2010
Daniele Costanzo
B.A. Honours Economics (3rd year)
ECON 1000 D02 & D03