Last admissions into the B.A. programs in Economics will be Summer 2017. Students remaining in the program or those interested in admission prior to Fall 2017 should contact the Undergraduate Administrator. Some of the required courses listed may no longer be available as the transition to the new degree is completed.

B.A. Honours in Economics and B.A. Honours in Applied Economics

The Department offers two types of Honours programs: B.A. Honours in Economics (“standard Honours”) and B.A. Honours in Applied Economics (“Applied Honours”). The core of these programs comprises the following 5.0 credits: ECON 1000 [1.0] – Introduction to Economics, MATH/ECON 1401 – Elementary Mathematics for Economics I, MATH/ECON 1402 – Elementary Mathematics for Economics II, ECON 2020 – Intermediate Microeconomics I: Producers and Market Structure, ECON 2102 – Intermediate Macroeconomics I, ECON 2210 – Introductory Statistics in Economics and Business I, ECON 2030 – Intermediate Microeconomics II: Consumers and General Equilibrium, ECON 2103 – Intermediate Macroeconomics II, and ECON 2220 – Introductory Econometrics.

Standard Honours requires 4.0 further credits in ECON 3001 – Mathematical Methods of Economics, ECON 4020 – Advanced Microeconomic Theory, ECON 4021 – Advanced Macroeconomic Theory, ECON 4001 – Mathematical Analysis in Economics, ECON 4002 – Statistical Analysis in Economics, ECON 4706 – Econometrics I, and either ECON 4901 – Honours Seminar: Microeconomics and ECON 4902 – Honours Seminar: Macroeconomics or ECON 4908 [1.0] – Honours Essay, as well as 1.0 credit in 3000- and 4000-level Economics electives.

By contrast, Applied Honours requires 1.0 further credit in ECON 3706 – Applied Econometrics and ECON 4890 – Applied Honours Seminar as well as 4.0 credits in Economics electives. Applied Honours is therefore a lot more flexible than standard Honours in that it allows students to pursue a richer variety of interests in applied economics.


One of the following four concentrations can be added to either basic type of Honours program: Financial Economics; International Political Economy; Development; Natural Resources, Environment, and Economy. Each concentration comprises 4.0 credits. A concentration added to the standard Honours program replaces ECON 4001, ECON 4002, and the 1.0 credit in 3000- and 4000-level Economics electives; a concentration added to the Applied Honours program replaces 2.0 credits in Economics electives. In both cases, 2.0 credits are added to the program by reducing the “free electives” in the rest of the degree from 3.0 credits to 1.0.


The Department offers an Honours program designed to give students an especially rigorous and intensive grounding in the mathematical and statistical tools of modern economics and thereby the best possible preparation for graduate school in economics—namely, B.A. Honours in Economics with Specialization in Quantitative and Mathematical Economics (QME). This program comprises the 9.0-credit standard Honours core with MATH/ECON 1401&2 and ECON 2210&2220 replaced by more rigorous elementary calculus and linear algebra and introductory statistics courses, respectively, together with 3.5 credits in 2000- and 3000-level Mathematics, STAT 3506 – Stochastic Processes and Applications, ECON 4707 – Econometrics II, and 1.5 credits in 4000-level Economics electives.

B.A. General

The B.A. General in Economics is a 15 credit version of the Department’s Honours program. The (3.5-credit) core of the General program is the Honours core minus ECON 2030, ECON 2103, ECON 2220, and ECON 3001. An additional 3.5 credits in Economics electives is also required. Students should be clear on their educational objectives before enrolling in this program.