One of the tricky things to manage as instructors in Canada is meeting Canadian copyright regulations. It’s become very easy and convenient to scan and post readings online (as well as digitize video and audio); all to enable students to have quick and central access to learning materials.

At the EDC we often hear the following questions:

How much material can I photocopy for a class?
How do I go about producing a coursepack for my course?
Can I copy materials and put them on a course website?
Can I use a home video or off-air recording in class?
Can faculty/staff provide alternate format material to students with print disabilities?

If you have time tomorrow at 1:00 pm (Friday, Oct 26) join Ross Mutton, Terry Goodwin and Heather Cross in 316 Southam Hall for an Intellectual Property and Copyright Seminar.

Register online here.
(The seminar is being recorded and we will make it and any handouts available from our site.)

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