Perhaps the single most pressing question that instructors struggle with from year to year is, “How do I get my students more engaged with and interested in the content I’m teaching?” One promising, powerful concept that can help us to re-imagine our teaching and assessment practices is experiential learning,

This summer, the EDC wants to help you introduce experiential learning into a course (existing or in development) in ways that are informed by both educational research and the concrete practice of your peers.

At our summer institute, you’ll take part in hands-on activities and receive feedback from facilitators and peers as you hone your abilities to:

  • Create an experiential learning opportunity that aligns with your course’s learning outcomes;
  • Design learning and assignment activities using effective practices for experiential learning; and
  • Develop assessment strategies and tools to evaluate experiential learning.

The summer institute runs from July 18-20 from 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. There are only a few spots remaining, so don’t miss your chance to participate – register today!