Curious about some of the tools available on cuLearn but don’t have the time to attend one of our cuLearn workshops or drop-in sessions? You can still get your introduction to Carleton’s learning management system. The EDC’s educational technology team has created an open-enrolment course containing some of the most popular activities on cuLearn.

We encourage you to enrol yourself in this course and take a tour of tools such as the Scheduler (schedule appointments for your office hours, for example), the Attendance tool (learn how to take attendance in your classes using cuLearn), and Choice and Feedback activities (among others).

How does it work?

You can enrol yourself in the open-enrolment cuLearn course by logging in to cuLearn, clicking on the following link: cuLearn open-enrolment, followed by clicking on the blue “Enrol me” button on the bottom of the page.

You will automatically be enrolled as a student in the course (this will allow you to test all the activities from the student’s perspective).

As you work your way through the sample course, you’ll notice that we’ve provided brief descriptions explaining each type of activity in addition to suggested ways you might want to include/use these activities within your course.

Additionally, we encourage you to check out the versatility of some of the more common tools you may already be using (Assignments, Forums and Quizzes, for example) in hopes that you might come up with a new and creative use for a tool you’re already familiar with.

Help and support?

While you’re exploring the open course, if you need any assistance at any time and/or if you would like to meet with a member of our education technology team, important information about the EDC (events, contact information and our location) can be found at the top of the course beneath the “Intro to cuLearn” title and graphic.

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  1. Elspeth Sarah Boyd McCulloch says:

    This is brilliant! Thank you so much.

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