Based on feedback from instructors and students, Scantron multiple-choice answer sheets have been updated to better reflect Carleton’s inclusive and diverse culture and to reduce student errors when completing their answer sheets. Three important changes have been made:

  1. The elimination of the gender field
  2. The removal of version number ‘0’ as an option for the Exam Version field
  3. The elimination of the extra column in the Student Number field

Instructors and departments are encouraged to replace their old forms with the new ones.

For departments wishing to exchange old forms for new forms, please reach out to The Print Shop ( to arrange for an exchange. When the new forms are delivered to the department, The Print Shop staff will be pleased to take your old forms. There is no cost for departments to exchange old forms for new forms.

Instructors wishing to exchange old forms with new forms should communicate with their departmental administrator.

It should be noted that old forms can continue to be used. In addition, old and new forms can also be mixed together. However, care must be taken when using multiple exam versions with multiple answer keys when mixing old and new forms (particularly if the answer keys are on old forms and students use new forms and are asked to complete a version ‘0’ exam).

If you have any questions regarding this change to the form or the mixing of forms please contact