By Allie Davidson, Educational Technology Development Coordinator, EDC

Are you looking for a new way to add interactivity to your cuLearn course? Are you curious about how to improve the look and feel your cuLearn course activities to increase student engagement? H5P may be the tool for you!

H5P is a new cuLearn plugin that allows instructors to create and share interactive content for educational purposes. You can create quizzes, timelines, interactive presentations, interactive videos, fill in the blank activities, matching activities, and much more!

Below is a screenshot of an example of an embedded H5P Timeline in a cuLearn course. This is just one of the many interactive resources and activities you can create using this tool.

Screenshot of cuLearn course page

If you would like to use H5P in your course, you just need to contact the EDC’s educational technology team ( to request for this plugin to be turned on.