The Learning Management System (LMS) Advisory Group has developed a comprehensive set of requirements for Carleton’s LMS needs. These requirements were developed through very significant consultations with faculty, contract instructors, teaching assistants, students and staff. Requirements from other institutions completing similar reviews were also consulted.

These draft LMS requirements are available for any Carleton community member to review and comment until July 12. You will need to use your MyCarletonOne account to access the document. Note that the requirements are not to be shared or distributed to any person or group outside of Carleton.

Once finalized, the requirements will be incorporated into a Request for Proposal (RFP). This is a document used to solicit responses from vendors and service providers. While the RFP is an important document in our selection process, it will be used primarily to help identify platforms that meet our requirements. Once we identify the most suitable platform(s) based on the responses to the RFP, we will invite these platform(s) to demonstrate the products to the Carleton community and provide opportunities for users to test their product and services. This will allow the community to compare a select group of LMS platforms that meet our requirements to the platform that powers cuLearn (Moodle).

The responses to the RFP help inform our process and recommendations. It does NOT mean that we are changing platforms or that we are selecting a product based on a provider’s responses.