As of December 31, 2019, TechSmith Relay will no longer be available to faculty or students at Carleton University. TechSmith Corporation is discontinuing all of its self-hosted Relay products, including its Relay Recorder (screen recording tool) and its mobile app Fuse. As a result, Carleton will no longer be providing support for TechSmith Relay services. A replacement screen recording tool is available to you as part of our new Kaltura Media Server. Kaltura is a cloud-based video platform that instructors and students can use to record and share video content.

The videos you have recorded in the past with Relay are stored on TechSmith’s Screencast hosting service for people to watch. Screencast videos will not be affected by this shutdown and your videos will continue to be accessible in 2020. Over the next year, we will work with users to transition their videos off of Screencast and over to our new Kaltura system.

Find out more about the new Kaltura recording tool, the media server and the Relay shutdown here.