Teaching and Learning Services is pleased to announce the five outstanding Teaching Assistants (TAs) who have been named recipients of the 2019-2020 Outstanding TA Awards.

The awards celebrate the support TAs give to the undergraduate programs in their disciplines, their roles in establishing a positive learning environment, and their work in implementing innovative teaching practices.

There were 170 TAs nominated, many with strong supporting evidence, which made for a very difficult selection process. The awards committee was impressed with the strength and versatility of the nominations, as well as Carleton TAs’ dedication to enhancing student learning. After much deliberation, the following five TAs were selected as this year’s recipients of the award:

  • Parham Emami (FPA) – Political Science
  • Chloe Jones (FASS) – Psychology
  • Hooman Jazebizadeh (FED) – Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Kevin Hua (Science) – Computer Science
  • Mostafa Siddiqui (Science) – Chemistry

Because we received so many strong nominations, the committee also wanted to recognize and celebrate four additional TAs through honourable mentions. The following TAs were selected as honourable mentions for the award:

  • Elizabeth (Liz) Woodside (FPA) – Social Work
  • Francois-Xavier Chaplain Corriveau (Science) – Computer Science
  • Somerled Cameron (FASS) – Philosophy
  • Heather Douglas (FASS) – Cognitive Science

Congratulations to all recipients, honourable mentions, and nominees for the 2019-2020 Outstanding TA Awards and Departmental TA Awards, and thank you to just over 300 students, peers and instructors who took the time to recognize the fine work of Carleton’s TAs!