What are the Collaborative Indigenous Learning Bundles?

In 2016, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada made several calls to action to address systemic racism in Canada’s language and culture, child welfare, health care, judicial, and education systems. In the recommendations for reconciliation specific to higher education, the commission called for post-secondary institutions to increase the integration of Indigenous knowledge into the classroom. Carleton University’s Collaborative Indigenous Learning Bundles were conceived by Kahente Horn-Miller as a way to gather Indigenous ways of knowing and make them available to the Carleton learning community without overburdening Indigenous experts.

What’s in a Bundle? 

Designed as both a resource for instructors and learning tool for students to use in the classroom, the bundles provide the necessary factual and theoretical basis for understanding Indigenous history and politics in Canada, while also prompting students to consider how this knowledge might be applied in their area of study. Most bundles include a lesson from an Indigenous expert followed by an audio or video interview with an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper. Each bundle, produced and delivered by Indigenous experts, is formatted as a cuLearn lesson, addressing issues and topics relevant to Indigenous peoples.

Bundle Topics

The bundles provide the necessary factual and theoretical basis for understanding Indigenous history and politics in Canada, and are designed to encourage you to consider how this knowledge might be applied in your area of study.

Bundle topics include:

  • Introduction to Indigenous studies
  • Engaging with Indigenous communities
  • Culture race and identity
  • The environment and water
  • Indigenous-Canada Relations
  • Introduction to the Métis People and the Métis Nation
  • Inuit Story and Health

How you use the Learning Bundles

While we continue to plan and produce new bundles on an ongoing basis, the first bundles are available for preview and adoption.

If you are interested in using one or two bundles in your class(es):

  1. Complete the form below. We will then enrol you on a site where you can review the bundles in detail and determine how they fit into your existing course content and outcomes.
  2. Once you’ve decided which bundle(s) you’d like to incorporate, please contact the EDC at edc@carleton.ca to request that they be added to your course.
  3. We’ll reach out to schedule a meeting with an EDC learning specialist to determine what activities you can integrate into your class around the bundle.
  4. Give us feedback. Email edc@carleton.ca and let us know about your experience.

An Introduction from Kahente Horn-Miller

Project Team: Kahente Horn-Miller, Renata Chiaradia, Allie Davidson, Daphne Uras, Courtney Vaughan

Carleton Univeristy’s Collborative Indigenous Learning Bundles are a collaborative effort among Carleton Centre for Indigenous Initiatives, Carleton University School of Indigenous and Canadian StudiesQuality Initiatives, Carleton University, Carleton University Educational Development Centre

If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them with Allie Davidson

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