Getting Started with Kaltura’s Eco-System

July 12, 2021 — July 14, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM — 12:00 PM

Location:Note: Please plan to attend all 3 days

Facilitators: Lindsay Richardson (TLS), Frank Heney (TLS)
Moderators: Jill Salley (TLS), Paul Smith (TLS)

This three-part series is designed to support instructors in creating and sharing their educational videos using Carleton’s supported software: Kaltura. The use of online instructional videos is becoming increasingly popular with the shift to online learning. Kaltura’s eco-system provides users (including instructors and students) with a way to record and share lecture material.

Part 1: Kaltura MediaSpace – An Introduction to Using Carleton’s Media Hosting Site. Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) is a media hosting site that allows users to upload and play media. It is also the link between your lecture recordings and Brightspace! This first session will focus on a tour of the KMS Media Gallery and the basics of how to use different features within the “space”. We will walk participants through each step from uploading media to embedding media in Brightspace all while getting to know MediaSpace a little better. Topics will include:

  • How to host videos on Carleton’s media-hosting site Kaltura Media Space
  • Tips for optimizing your media gallery
  • How you and your students can integrate videos into your Brightspace course

Part 2: Kaltura Personal Capture – An Introduction to Video Recording Using Carleton’s Supported Software. Kaltura’s Personal Capture has the ability to capture up to two visual inputs (e.g., webcam and screen) along with audio at the same time! Then, viewers have the ability to toggle between different views. This screen recording solution has helped facilitate the incredible need for lecture and screen capture for both Mac and PC users. It’s free to the university community to install on your computer. This workshop will explore the different features that the desktop software (Personal Capture) has to offer, including:

  • The system requirements and how to install the software
  • The different settings and how to make a recording on your computer
  • How to save and upload videos to Carleton’s Kaltura Media Space

Part 3: Creating Educational Videos with Pedagogy and Aesthetics in Mind. Regardless of how you decide to record your videos, there are a few important concepts you can follow to help engage your students! When certain concepts are considered, we can reduce the cognitive load of our audience and increase the likelihood that they’ll learn from the videos. This workshop will explore the ways we can engage students by reducing their cognitive load, including:

  • Best practices and tips for getting the best recording
  • Optimizing your space to create engaging videos
  • Keeping pedagogy in mind to help ensure the best possible experience
  • Concrete and practical approaches to creating quality educational videos

NOTE: These sessions will be recorded and featured on our Kaltura Workshops Brightspace page and our TLS MediaSpace Channel. By signing up, you are agreeing to have the recording shared. If you have reservations about the recording, please contact the facilitators before attending.

Please note that this series is meant to provide users with an orientation to using Kaltura for teaching. It will not go in-depth in explaining how to use Brightspace. For Brightspace-specific workshops, please see our Events Page.

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