Welcome to My Online Classroom – with Lorraine Godden

August 5, 2021 at 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


Welcome to My Online Classroom is a workshop series led by instructors, for instructors, with a specific focus on sharing a wide variety of ideas, strategies, and approaches to teaching online. The sessions will begin with a brief overview from the presenter, and then open for question-and-answer and discussion more broadly. The idea is to create spaces where instructors, regardless of experience, can exchange ideas for teaching online. 

This particular session will be led by Lorraine Godden, an Instructor with the Arthur Kroeger College in the Faculty of Public Affairs who teaches courses on career development, employability, and career management. Lorraine will be sharing her experiences integrating the FUSION curriculum into her First-Year Seminar course—what worked for her, what challenges she met and how she overcame them, and how her students responded and what they gained. If you are looking to integrate an experiential learning or careers component into your course, or simply want to learn more about what FUSION might have to offer to you and your students, this session will be a space to explore and have your questions answered by a fellow colleague.

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