Welcome to My Online Classroom – with Melanie Adrian

March 25, 2021 at 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


PresenterMelanie Adrian, Department of Law and Legal Studies

Welcome to My Online Classroom is a workshop series led by instructors, for instructors, with a specific focus on sharing a wide variety of ideas, strategies, and approaches to teaching online. The sessions will begin with a brief overview from the presenter, and then open for question-and-answer and discussion more broadly. The idea is to create spaces where instructors, regardless of experience, can exchange ideas for teaching online. 

This particular session will be led by Dr. Melanie Adrian, an Associate Professor in the Department of Law and Legal Studies and the current Carleton Chair in Teaching Innovation. In her session, Melanie will be focusing on strategies that worked for her and ‘lessons learned’ regarding online teaching, with special attention to group work/interaction in an online context. The latter is the subject of her current pedagogical research, in fact, and she will be sharing some of the preliminary results of that study in the session. 

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