Certificate in University Teaching

Note:Because it is scheduled for review and revision, we are not offering the CUT program in the Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 terms. To provide feedback on what the revised CUT program might look like, please click here. For alternate programming, check out our ongoing workshops and our Course Design Fundamentals program.

Open to faculty members, contract instructors, lab coordinators, and/or anyone working in an instructionally focused position with a current or upcoming teaching assignment at Carleton University (i.e., within the next year), CUT is designed to help you further develop your understanding of pedagogy and enhance your teaching skills. The sessions will give you an opportunity to:

  • Explore traditional and innovative forms of instructional delivery
  • Develop a framework to help design class lectures and activities
  • Identify ways to enhance student engagement in your classes
  • Receive feedback from course facilitators and participants
  • Benefit from in-depth conversations with fellow colleagues
  • Arrange for individual consultation throughout the year with facilitators

Each of the sessions will include a presentation and learning activities that reflect a particular theme. Specific themes for the program will include:

  • Planning effective instruction
  • Exploring teaching methodologies
  • Building effective assessment practices
  • Managing the dynamics of both small and large classes
  • Integrating various aspects of technology into courses
  • Addressing issues of student diversity
  • Examining issues around the evaluation of classroom teaching

The goal of the program is to provide participants with a safe and supportive environment to enhance their appreciation of sound pedagogy, strengthen their teaching skills and explore new approaches to instruction. Together these three areas will contribute to helping you become more efficient, effective and confident in enhancing the learning environment for your students.

Next cohort TBD.

*Attendance is a critical component of this program, but we do offer some flexibility. If you anticipate missing one of the dates indicated, please contact us before registering at edc@carleton.ca.*

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