Educational technology tools are available to support teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom at Carleton. Technology can be used to encourage engagement, to provide students with additional support/resources, and to enrich the classroom experience.

Teaching and Learning Services supports faculty and instructors with selecting, implementing, and using a number of educational technologies.

What are the benefits of using Carleton’s licensed ed tech tools?

  • Technical support is available for ed tech setup and use
  • Training is regularly available on the Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) Events page
  • Advanced features are often included with the provisioned accounts
  • TLS staff have system access to investigate and troubleshoot difficulties you may encounter
  • Students are likely to know how to use the tools already (reducing their cognitive load)
  • Supported tools are integrated into the learning management system for a more seamless experience
  • Privacy and security impact assessments have been completed and meet with provincial/federal regulations
  • Licensed tools have met accessibility regulations (AODA standards)

Supported Educational Technologies

Where to get help

Connect with Teaching and Learning Services for training and support. We’re happy to help you find the right tool for your course.