1. The Role of Teaching Mentors
  2. List of Teaching Mentors, 2020-2021
    1. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    2. Faculty of Engineering and Design
    3. Faculty of Public Affairs
    4. Faculty of Science
    5. Sprott School of Business
  3. Interested in Being a Mentor?

The EDC offers workshops and certificate programs where faculty and instructors can come together to build interdisciplinary communities focused on teaching. Individual departments, however, may well have their own specific teaching and learning culture with discipline-specific teaching techniques and assessments. To that end, a number of departments across campus have Teaching Mentors who help to facilitate informal discussions about the issues educators may face within their departmental contexts.

The Role of Teaching Mentors

Teaching Mentors will take a leadership role to build on the informal mentorship that already occurs within academic departments. This leadership role will typically involve a number of elements, including:

  • Acting as the initial point of contact for new faculty members and contract instructors seeking advice on developing and teaching courses and acting as a resource for all instructors interested in further developing their teaching.
  • Planning/hosting at least one teaching seminar or roundtable in the department during each academic year.
  • Coordinating/curating the collection of shared teaching resources, such as sample course outlines and assessment tools (sample assignments, evaluation guides, marking rubrics).
  • Serving as a point of contact between the EDC and the department for the promotion of teaching and learning events.

List of Teaching Mentors, 2020-2021

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Name Department Email Carleton Ext.
Marc Saurette History marc.saurette@carleton.ca x. 2831
Billy Flynn Sociology & Anthropology william.flynn3@carleton.ca x. 1198
Matthew Hawkins Sociology & Anthropology matthew.hawkins@carleton.ca x. 2795
Chris Motz Psychology chris.motz@carleton.ca x. 1940
Matt Sorley Psychology matthew.sorley@carleton.ca x. 8686
Deanna Whelan Psychology deanna.whelan@carleton.ca x. 1979
Adam Barrows English adam.barrows@carleton.ca x. 4093

Faculty of Engineering and Design

Name Department Email Carleton Ext.
Adrian Chan Systems & Computer Engineering adrian.chan@carleton.ca x. 1535
Alan Steele Electronics alan.steele@carleton.ca x. 1551
Mario Santana Civil & Environmental Engineering mario.santana@carleton.ca x.  3235

Faculty of Public Affairs

Name Department Email Carleton Ext.
 Vincent Kazmierski Law & Legal Studies vincent.kazmierski@carleton.ca x. 8069
 Steve Tasson Law & Legal Studies steve.tasson@carleton.ca x. 8062
 Simon Power Economics simon.power@carleton.ca x. 3764
Mira Sucharov Political Science mira.sucharov@carleton.ca x. 3010
Robert Sauder  School of International Affairs robert.sauder@carleton.ca x. 1218
Chris Penny School of International Affairs chris.penny@carleton.ca x. 3581
 Beth Martin School of Social Work beth.martin@carleton.ca x. 4399

Faculty of Science

Name Department Email Carleton Ext.
John Stead Neuroscience john.stead@carleton.ca x. 8774
Kevin Cheung School of Math & Statistics kcheung@math.carleton.ca x. 2124
Sam Melkonian School of Math & Statistics (Fall 2020) melkonia@math.carleton.ca x. 2621
Elena Devdariani School of Math & Statistics (Winter 2021) elenad@math.carleton.ca x. 2124
Veronic Bezaire  Chemistry veronic.bezaire@carleton.ca x. 5012
 Martha Mullally Biology martha.mullally@carleton.ca x. 6007
Jim Davies Institute of Cognitive Science jim.davies@carleton.ca x. 1109
Robert Collier  School of Computer Science robert.collier3@carleton.ca x. 4032
Dag Gillberg Department of Physics dag@physics.carleton.ca x. 4201

Sprott School of Business

Name Department Email Carleton Ext.
 Shannon Butler School of Business shannon.butler@carleton.ca x. 1874
Rebecca Renfroe School of Business rebecca.renfroe@carleton.ca x. 4226

Interested in Being a Mentor?

Are you interested in becoming a teaching mentor? Contact the EDC at edc@carleton.ca for more information.