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Scantron at Carleton

Our high speed Scantron reader is available for use by all Carleton instructors to score multiple-choice tests and examinations.

Departmental administrators can order Scantron forms on The Print Shop’s website. Pricing is available under the miscellaneous tab. NEW: Scantron answer sheets have recently been updated. Find out more about the changes here.

Please note: We now require that an accurate count of exams be provided on the Scantron scanning request form. We are asking that instructors or TAs count the Scantrons so that we know the exact number being dropped off. This will improve our quality assurance process, and ensure optimal service and the integrity of results.

Scantron Scanning Request Form

Scantron Scanning Request Form

Item Analysis Consultations

We offer free item analysis consultations to review an exam statistics file with you. Item analysis identifies questions that were too difficult, too easy, or commonly misunderstood by your students. It also includes an estimate of the test’s reliability, which shows how well the items work together to obtain a measure of student achievement. To schedule a consultation email scantron@carleton.ca.

Scantron Resources