About the Rubrics

Carleton’s ePortfolio Faculty Learning community has designed rubrics to help instructors assess course-level undergraduate ePortfolio assignments. The group is sharing these rubrics as an open educational resource so that other instructors can adapt and use them in their own courses.

You can change, remove or add language within the rubrics or use language from the rubrics to help create your assignment descriptions. You have permission from the authors to use content from the rubrics however you see fit for your ePortfolio assignment.

You are not required to complete the form below to access the rubrics. Please add your information if you would like to let the rubric designers know where these rubrics are being used and who is using them.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Allie Davidson, EDC educational technology development coordinator, at allie.davidson@carleton.ca.

Download the rubrics to start creating your own ePortfolio grading rubric!

ePortfolio Grading Rubrics

  • Please leave your email address if you would be comfortable with us contacting you in the future to ask you a few quick questions about your experience using the rubrics. We will use your feedback to help us improve the rubrics.