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We recommend that you include the weekly lecture reference in your course outline. If you use the “F” (Fall) and “W” (Winter) notations in your course outline, it will provide consistent information to students.

The lecture numbering system

Recorded course lectures are identified by the term and the lecture number.

Fall term

The first class of the fall term is F-1, the second is F-2, and so on.

Winter term

W-1 is winter term lecture 1 and refers to the first lecture in January for both new half course and continuing full year course lectures.

Summer session

During the summer session, course lectures are simply referred to by number (e.g. S-1, S-2, S-3 and so on), regardless of whether they start in May or in July.

Holidays and cancelled classes

If your course does not have a lecture for a particular week, e.g. instructor illness, Carleton Day, Thanksgiving, study break etc., the lecture number moves to the next lecture. For instance, if the last class before study break was F-6, the first class after it will be F-7. If you were sick and had to cancel the class that would have been F-6, the class in the next week will be F-6.

Note: Instructors with travel plans may pre-record a lecture to be played during the regular class timeslot (see Going Out of Town?).  Instructors who have previously taught the same course on CUOL can request to have a previously recorded lecture replayed to their class.

Extra lectures

You may wish to schedule additional review classes between the end of classes and the midterm or final exam for your course. Contact to arrange a date for a review lecture.

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