1. Materials Distribution
  2. Lecture Review Service
  3. Service Point

The CUOL Student Centre, located in room D299 Loeb Building, provides a service point, a lecture review service and distributes any physical graded material to CUOL students. Find out more about these services below.

The service desk is open Monday to Friday – detailed hours are advertised on our Contact page. Note: The CUOL viewing kiosks are open 24/7 and students taking recorded courses can watch lectures there at any time.

Materials Distribution

All CUOL students who come to campus pick up graded tests and papers at the centre. They must show photo identification to receive their assignment. Please mention this when assignments are ready for pickup.

  • Please deliver graded assignments to the CUOL Student Centre. It would be appreciated if they are in alphabetical order. This will help our staff return them to students quickly and efficiently.
  • The CUOL Student Centre does not accept ungraded course assignments. Please tell your students that course assignments are to be submitted online or sent to you/your department at the address indicated in your course outline.
  • Please ensure graded assignments have been received in room D299 Loeb before you refer to them during your lecture. Keep us informed of when assignments will be available for pickup especially if they are delayed. Call our direct telephone number 613-520-2600 ext. 7605 or email student.centre@carleton.ca.
  • To ensure privacy of information, please record grades on the back or inside page of the assignment.

Students enrolled in CUOL courses who have also enrolled in the distance exam service will have graded assignments emailed to them. If a student writes exams at Carleton but does not normally come to campus, they can contact us at cuol@carleton.ca to request that their assignment be scanned and emailed to them.

Lecture Review Service

VOD kiosks are available in the centre in D299 Loeb for students to view recorded lectures at no charge. They can access the kiosks at any time (the centre is open 24/7). Headphones can be signed out during our service desk hours or students can bring their own.

Service Point

The CUOL Student Centre serves as a contact point for people interested in taking an online course as well as students with questions about registration, distance examinations and technical support.

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