1. Ideas for using Twitter
  2. Embedding your Twitter feed in cuLearn

Twitter is a microblogging communication tool that provides users with 140 characters or less to ‘tweet’ (or post) about what they are experiencing or what is on their mind. Other users can subscribe to updates and respond to them in a public way so conversations are visible and searchable across accounts. You can access Twitter from any web browser or mobile phone, and can even embed it in cuLearn.

Educators can use Twitter in two main ways:

  1. For professional growth and networking with other academics or educators.
  2. For teaching – to foster a learning community that extends beyond the bounds of the classroom.

Ideas for using Twitter

  • Easily relay course announcements or course-related web resources to your students. Send out course news, articles, test tips, or reminders using Twitter.
  • Create a learning community for your classroom. Hold course-related debates or discussions outside of class, where students with their own Twitter accounts can quickly send bite-sized questions, responses or otherwise share their knowledge.
  • Network with colleagues or other professionals in your field. Using a professional Twitter account, find like-minded researchers in the field to follow and share information with, such as teaching tips or interesting resources.

Embedding your Twitter feed in cuLearn

To make your course Twitter feed more accessible to students, you can embed it into cuLearn’s main course page. Please note that you must already have a Twitter page/account set up to be able to embed your tweets into cuLearn.

To embed the feed, you must copy a small paragraph of code into an HTML block of your cuLearn page. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Twitter account
  2. Click the gearbox icon on the top of your Twitter page
  3. Click “Settings”
  4. Click “Widgets”
  5. Click one of the options below
    1. If you didn’t create a widget then click “Create new”
    2. If you already created a widget, then click “Edit”
  6. Copy the HTML code that is written in the box at the bottom of the page
  7. Login to cuLearn (culearn.carleton.ca) and go to your course
  8. Click “Turn editing on” from the top right corner of your course page
  9. Go to the “Add a Block” drop down menu, which is usually towards the bottom left of the course page
  10. Select “HTML” to add
  11. Give your block a title by typing the title into the “Block title” box
  12. Click “HTML” in the little ribbon box
  13. Paste the HTML code that was copied from your Twitter account in the pop up box that appears
  14. Click “Update”
  15. Click “Save changes”

Any Twitter updates that you make will now show up on the bottom of your cuLearn homepage.

Let the EDC help you! Set up a one-on-one consultation for more information on how you can use Twitter via email (edc@carleton.ca) or by phone (613-520-4433).

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