EERL Alumni

Nick Brooker, M.A.Sc.(2019)

  •  Project: Measurements of Benzene Destruction Efficiency in a Lab-Scale Flare

Jay Sethi, M.A.Sc. (2019)

  • Project: Application of an Optical Diagnostic (LII/ELS) to Measure Soot Formation Trends within Turbulent Buoyant Non-Premixed Flames

Scott Seymour, M.A.Sc. (2019)

  • Project: Spectroscopic Measurements of Path-Averaged Species Correlations in Turbulent Flare Plumes

Nick Hakala, M.Eng. (2018)

  • Project: Temperature measurements within turbulent flares

Carol Brereton, Ph.D (2018)

  • Project: Adjoint-based Optimization Scheme for Characterizing Sources of Fugitive Emissions
  • Current Position: Research Associate, The Energy and Emissions Lab (EERL)

Melina Jefferson, M.A.Sc (2017)

  • Project: Exploratory Experiments to Determine Effects of Injected Aerosolized Water, Hydrochloric Acid, and Sodium Chloride Solutions on Lab-Scale Flare Emissions
  • Current Position:  Research Engineer, NRCan

David Sawires, M. A.Sc (2017)

  • Project: An Optical Diagnostic for Instantaneous Measurements of Soot Volume Fraction, Primary Particle Diameter and Mean Aggregate Radius of Gyration in Large Turbulent Flames
  • Current Position: Mechanical Engineer at Gastops

Stephen Schoonbaert, Ph.D. (2015)

  • Project: Design of an Optical Fiber-Coupled Sensor for Ambient Methane Measurement
  • Current Position: Application Engineer, Price Mechanical

Darcy Corbin, M.A.Sc. (2015)

  • Project: Methodology and experiments to determine soot and NOx yields from a vertical lab-scale flare burning alkane-mixtures and ethylene
  • Current position: Project Engineer, The NSERC FlareNet Network.

Patrizio Vena, Ph.D. (2014)

  • Project: Equivalence Ratio Gradient Effects on Local Flame Front Topology and Heat Release Rate in Stratified, Iso-Octane/Air Turbulent V-Flames
  • Current position: Post Doctoral Fellow, Lyon, France

Brian Crosland, Ph.D. (2014)

  • Project: Soot Optical Diagnostic Development and Application to Turbulent Non-Premixed Buoyant Flames
  • Current position: Air Emissions Research Scientist, NRCan/IETS/CanmetENERGY Devon Research Centre

Ian Joynes, M.A.Sc. (2013)

  • Project: Proof-of-concept inverse micro-scale dispersion modelling for fugitive emissions quantification in industrial facilities
  • Current position: Project Engineer, Clearstone Engineering Ltd.

Robin Devillers, Post. Doctoral Fellow (2012)

  • Project: Development of Novel Sky-LOSA Technology to Quantify Black Carbon Flux in Atmospheric Plumes
  • Current position: Research Scientist, ONERA (French National Aerospace Research Centre)

Jan Gorski, M.A.Sc. (2012)

  • Thesis: Effect of Fuel Composition on the Response of an Acoustically Forced Flat Flame
  • Current position: Analyst, Fossil Fuels at Pembina Institute

Clifton Pereira, M.A.Sc. (2012)

  • Thesis: Novel Economical Emission Monotoring Technology for Liquid Storage Tanks (LST)
  • Chief Product Officers, AXIS Labs.

Graham Ballachey, M.A.Sc. (2011)

  • Thesis: Analysis of Blowoff in a Low-swirl Burner: Effect of Burner Geometry and Fuel Composition
  • Current position:  Engineer, Combustion Solutions Inc.

Carol Brereton, M.A.Sc. (2010)

  • Thesis: Investigation of Trajectory Statistical Methods for Locating Fugitive Emissions Sources on a Building Scale
  • Current position: Ph.D. Student

Yuan Liu, Ph.D. (2010)

  • Thesis: Numerical and Experimental Analyses of Aerosol Deposition in a Novel Standardized Human Nasal Cavity
  • Current position:  Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa

James McEwen, M.A.Sc. (2010)

  • Thesis: Soot Emission Factors from Lab-Scale Flares Burning Solution Gas Mixtures
  • Current position:  Design Engineer, AECOM Toronto

Michael Karakolis, M.A.Sc. (2010)

  • Thesis: Experimental Analysis of the Fuel Injection System of the Ignition Quality Tester (IQT)
  • Current position:  Design Engineer, Advance Engine Technologies

Adam Coderre, M.A.Sc. (2009)

  • Thesis: Spectrally-Resolved Light Absorption Properties of Cooled Soot From a Methane Flame
  • Current position:  Environmental Engineer, Clearstone Engineering Ltd.

Chen Yang, M.A.Sc. (2008)

  • Thesis: Sky-scattered Solar Radiation Based Plume Transmissivity Measurements
  • Current position:  Nuclear Safety Engineer, AMEC NSS

Brian Crosland, M.A.Sc. (2008)

  • Thesis: An Experimental Characterisation of the Velocities of the Spray Issued from a Pressurised Metered-Dose Inhaler
  • Current position:  Ph.D. Student

Andrew Cameron, M.A.Sc. (2008)

  • Thesis: Structure of a Low-Momentum Elevated Jet in a Cross-Flow
  • Current position:  Wind Energy Specialist, Garrad Hassan

Scott Wilson, M.A.Sc. (2008)

  • Thesis: Aerosol Deposition Measurements as a Function of Reynolds Number for Turbulent Flow in a Ninety-degree Bend
  • Current position:  Aerospace Engineer, Canadian Military

J. Gustavo Strahman, M.A.Sc. (2007)

  • Thesis: Flame Stability of an Ultra-lean Premixed Low-swirl Burner
  • Current position:  Research engineer at National Research Council Institute for Aerospace Research

Pervez Canteenwalla, M.A.Sc. (2007)

  • Thesis: Soot Emissions from Turbulent Diffusion Flames Burning Simple Alkane Fuels
  • Current position:  Aerospace engineer Liburdi Engineering Inc.

Stephanie Trottier, M.A.Sc. (2006)

  • Thesis: Measurement and Modelling of Soot Formation in Binary Fuel Mixtures
  • Current position:  Research Scientist at Alberta Research Council