Slip, trip and fall hazards can occur at any location on campus and with the arrival of the first snow, we are already receiving reports of slips and falls across campus.

Please remember …A quick change in temperature can result in freeze thaw cycles with resulting icy patches. Facilities Management and Planning staff is diligently salting and clearing roadways and pathways; however, you can decrease your risk by taking the following steps:

  1. Stick to the designated pathways.You will notice that some areas have already been roped off. That’s for your safety.
  2. Don’t cut across snowy grassed areas. More often than not, you will add packed snow to the bottom of your boots and a slip will result when you step back down onto a pathway or roadway.
  3. Wear appropriate footwear.
  4.  If there is freezing rain, consider using the tunnels.
  5. Report slippery conditions.This can be reported to the FMP Service Center at ext. 3668 or You can also report online using the Good Catch CU web app or submit the Good Catch reporting form. This allows for a rapid intervention to prevent injury.
  6. Report any other slip, trip or fall hazard that you come across.
  7. If you slip, trip or fall, even if you are not injured, please let us know.

Together, we can prevent accidents and injuries