Each building has its own unique Fire Safety Plan, to ensure the appropriate measures are in place, based on the building purpose (research, teaching, administrative, residential, facilities), occupant load and specific hazards which might require specific attention. Each building specific plan outlines the steps that have been put in place to ensure the fire and life safety of our staff and students in the event of a fire or other emergency requiring an evacuation.

The process to evacuate each building is the same whereby upon hearing the alarm: evacuate immediately, listen to your Fire Safety Wardens, don’t use the elevators etc. BUT each building has specific meeting points (Safe Destination Sites) allowing for the quick transfer of information and updates. For those requiring assistance to evacuate, Carleton has a “Stay in Place/Place of Sanctuary” program. Please contact EHS for details.

Do you know where to go if there is a fire alarm right now in your building?

Take a moment and check it out! Thank you for making Carleton a safer workplace!