All week long, we are celebrating safety, prevention and well-being. We want to see how you engage in healthy and safe behavior! “Safety Selfie” is a campaign where individuals are encouraged to take a selfie while engaging in safe behavior. There are many different aspects of safety to choose from including: operational health and safety, fire safety, workshop safety, laboratory safety, ergonomics safety, workplace harassment and violence, slip trip fall prevention, hazard identification and reporting, emergency procedures, mental health safety/awareness and so on.

Send us your selfie, with a caption about your safe behavior, to be posted on our website and for the chance to be selected for the grand prize!

What you need to do:

1. Take a picture of yourself engaging in healthy and/or safe behavior.
2. Fill out the form below.
3. Email your picture to
4. See your picture posted on our website and stay tuned for the grand prize winners to be announced Friday May 8th!


Don’t forget to send your safety selfie to We look forward to seeing you be safe and healthy! Thank you for making safety a habit!

Safety Selfie Gallery


” Donning my safety shoes first thing in the morning. ”


” Good week to brush up on my Health and Safety responsibilities! ”


“Sunscreen keeps me from getting burnt while patrolling outdoors on hot sunny days.”


“Taking a walk on the Southam stairwell.”


“As part of a psychologically health and safe environment, this group took the stairs after attending the Mental Health Awareness training!”