When you hear a fire alarm, you need to leave the building by the quickest route and head to your safe destination site. This keeps you safe and ensures that emergency responders can deal with the issues.

If you are about to enter a building and hear a fire alarm, DO NOT ENTER! The building is in a fire alarm state and the above applies.

If you see fire or smoke and wish to assist, please activate the nearest fire alarm on your way out of the building. Once you have evacuated, contact the Department of University Safety at ext. 4444 to provide essential information about what you have seen.

If the fire alarm is sounding, DUS is already advised. We recommend that you avoid overwhelming the call centre, as staff are prioritizing calls to emergency responders, or our staff and students.

For additional information on the above, you can contact the Fire Prevention Officer at ext. 3611 or visit the EHS website at the following: