Several fire drills have been completed across campus in the past few weeks. Carleton’s Fire Safety officer, Tim Golding, and the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team would like to thank everyone who participated in making campus a safer place and DUS for their assistance in the evacuations.

Here are a few keys points to remember when you hear a fire alarm in your building:

  • Immediately leave the building when you hear an alarm by using the nearest staircase (not elevators). Do not assume it is a false alarm.
  • Never enter a building when an alarm is sounding.
  • If you cannot exit the building immediately due to reasons such as the presence of smoke, heat, fire and/or mobility restrictions, immediately call 4444 to advise Campus Safety that you are “Staying in Place.” Click here for more information.
  • It is important to move far away from the building to avoid blocking exits for other evacuees and emergency responders. Proceeding to your building’s safe destination site will keep you out of the way, informed and safe from smoke, debris and possible explosions.

EHS is committed to keeping campus safe. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact us at

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