Fire Prevention week is October 8th– 14th and this year’s theme is “Every Second Counts; Plan 2 ways out!”. The Office of Environmental Health & Safety encourages everyone to review their building’s Safe Destination Site and identify at least 2 possible exits. In the event that one exit is blocked or becomes inaccessible, knowing an alternative escape route saves valuable time.

Environmental Health & Safety and Ottawa Fire Services will be in the Residence Commons lobby on October 11th and 12th from 11am – 2pm to answer questions and distribute information. Participants will have an opportunity to try Ottawa Fire Service’s fire simulation

system and test their fire fighting skills!

Interested in becoming a Fire Safety Warden? This is a great opportunity to ask Carleton’s Fire Prevention Officer what is involved.

“Spot the Fire Hazards” for a chance to win! Each identified hazard will earn 1 ballot into a prize draw. Click here for details.

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