North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH), Mental Health Awareness, and Emergency Preparedness weeks will be naosh-week-save-the-date-goodcelebrated May 7th -13th!

This week presents an excellent opportunity to focus, reinforce and strengthen our commitment to these issues through increased awareness, information sharing, training, and fun!

In collaboration with Healthy Workplace, the Department of University Safety (DUS) and the Joint Health & Safety Committee, EHS will be hosting daily events, online challenges and training sessions all week long!

Check out our Events Schedule and keep on the lookout for updates in the next few weeks!

We look forward to seeing you broaden your knowledge of health and safety, and have some fun in the process during NAOSH week May 7th-13th! Follow us on Twitter (@CU_HealthSafety) and subscribe to our intranet feed to stay up to date on events and contests!