If you see something that could potentially be a hazard, report it using the EHS Good Catch Report! Each and every Good Catch Report is taken seriously and every step reasonable will be taken to eliminate or reduce the hazard. Every member of the Carleton community plays an important role in making campus a safe place to work and learn.

Examples of hazards that could be reported include:

  • Obstacles/obstructions in hallways
  • Broken/cracked tiles
  • Uneven pavement making it difficult to walk
  • Pot holes near walkways
  • Slippery walking surfaces (from ice or spills)
  • Poor housekeeping causing a fire hazard

Not sure if you should report it? Consult Carleton’s Hazard Reporting Policy for details.

NOTE: if the hazard presents an imminent danger or emergency situation, call the Department of University Safety at 613-520-4444 for help. Do not fill out a Good Catch report for emergencies.

By reporting a hazard, you are preventing an injury and making Carleton a safer place!