Safe Destination Sites are predetermined safe areas that occupants must go to in order to receive information from officials, and remain a safe distance from the building. The Safe Destination Site will be far enough away to prevent injury related to explosions or broken glass in the event of a fire. Safe Destination Sites are chosen based on key evacuation performance criteria such as building layout, occupant load and occupant behavior during an evacuation to ensure the most effective building evacuation possible.

Due to ongoing work in Parking Lot 2, the following building’s outdoor Safe Destination Sites have been relocated:

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University Centre

Academic Quad


Academic Quad


Grassy area along Library road at Canal Building OR between Steacie and University Centre

Minto CASE

Courtyard between Prescott and Renfrew Residence Buildings

Fire Safety Wardens and Building Authorities for the affected buildings have already been notified of these changes but it is important for occupants to be aware.

Click HERE for a complete list of all Safe Destination Sites. Please note, that recent changes are indicated in red text.