Tony Lackey  (C)
Employer Co-Chair
Finance, Robertson  x1473
Wesley Petite, CUPE4600 -1
Worker Co-Chair
Political Economy (Loeb A601)
Employer Representatives Worker Representatives
Brian Billings (C)
University Safety x8534
Michael Radcliffe, OPSEU 404
University Safety x3612
Kevin Gallinger (C)
Facilities Management and Planning x8821
vacant CUASA

Dept  x

Robin Karuna
Human Resources x 3240
Kim Heuff (C), CUPE 2424

Office of the Dean, FED x 1757

Susan Jameson
Faculty of Arts and Social Science x8055
Gaston Taylor  (C), CUPE 2424

Housing x8138

Kevin Mann
University Services x4079
Andrea Fowler, AdminTech

Business Office, x1508

Bruce Marshall
Athletics x8448
John Kavanagh, CUPE 3778
Facilities Management and Planning x3669
Gilles Monast
Library x6695
Graham Galway, CUPE 2424
Chemistry, x3843
Gail Atwill
Faculty of Science x8765
Shari Levac, CUPE 2424

Chemistry x1104

Salim Juma
Faculty of Engineering and Design x1235
J. P. Sabourin, CUPE 910
Facilities Management and Planning x3668
 James Moretton

University Registrarial Services x 3908
Timothy Di Leo Browne, CUPE 4600

School of Canadian Studies
(email only)

James Green, CUASA
Systems & Computing Engineering x1463
Trevor Manning, CUPE 910

Facilities Management and Planning x3668

 Chav Chhiv, PSAC 77000

Dept X

(C) Certified Members