Fire Safety Warden Program

A core component of the Fire Safety Plans on campus is the implementation of the Fire Safety Warden Program. Each building will have at least one Chief Fire Safety Warden and a number of Fire Safety Wardens based on the size and layout of the building. The Fire Safety Wardens will assist with evacuations by verifying that workspaces are properly evacuated, and assist with guiding the occupants to the safe destinations identified for each building. In addition to emergency evacuation duties, staff who become Fire Safety Wardens promote Fire Prevention.

Becoming a Fire Safety Warden

The Fire Safety Warden program is open to all University staff who wish to volunteer. In buildings with several area Fire Safety Wardens, a Chief Fire Safety Warden is identified to coordinate the program with the direction and assistance of the Fire Prevention Officer.

If you are interested in promoting fire prevention and life safety within your building, please contact the Fire Prevention Officer.

The first step to becoming a Fire Safety Wardens is to complete the online Fire Safety Awareness Training.

Role of Fire Safety Wardens:

Fire Safety Wardens primarily assist in building evacuations and promote fire prevention. Specifically, they will:

  • Notify supervisors, building authorities, FMP, and the Fire Prevention Officer of fire safety concerns;
  • Advise all personnel within their area to evacuate using the nearest  exit during evacuations;
  • Assist individuals utilizing Stay in Place locations;
  • Check washrooms and rest areas and inform any personnel of the emergency situation;
  • Close all open/blocked doors;
  • Leave the building and direct occupants to the building’s Safe Destination Site;
  • Notify the Department of University Safety (DUS), Ottawa Fire Services, or other authorities if anyone is unaccounted for or were unable/unwilling to leave the building;
  • Assist Fire Service officials in communicating and directing building occupants;
  • Participate, as required, in debriefings during evacuations.