As part of Carleton University’s legislative requirement to inform workers of specific health and safety information in the workplace, the Environmental Health and Safety Office has established the Health and Safety Board Program.

The program consists of standardized Health and Safety Boards dedicated to the posting of health and safety information. As part of this program periodic reviews are made by Environmental Health and Safety to ensure required information is present and current.

Please notify the Office of Environmental Health and Safety of any boards that have been damaged, inappropriately used or are missing information.

Want a better look? Check out the Virtual EHS Notice Board.

Health and Safety Board Postings

Health and Safety Board postings include the following:

Safety Board Locations

The legislation requires that notices be posted in conspicuous locations in the workplace where the information is readily accessible by all workers. Therefore health and safety boards have been located in public or common areas such as building hallways and lobbies.

The list of Health and Safety Board locations is found here.