Understanding Sustainability

Sustainability has a wide array of possible meanings. At Carleton University, we believe that sustainability means to live, learn and grow within our campus community in a manner that protects and strengthens our physical and social environments such that the students, staff and faculty of future generations can continue to build and enjoy the Carleton campus. Devotion to sustainability requires us to actively engage with and listen to the various lands and lives that surround us.

Through the work of Carleton Dining Services, organics are collected for composting in the food preparation areas and the main dining areas of the Residence Commons and the food preparation areas of the Unicentre. The organics are taken away several times a week by a hauler and composted in a large commercial composter. The advantage of a large, enclosed commercial composter is that meats, dairy products and other items that are normally excluded from backyard composters can be included. In 2010/11 218000 kilograms of organics or nearly 10% of all of our waste were composted. Way to go Dining Services!

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Are you looking for support for a great new sustainability  initiative? Do you have an idea of something Carleton University should be doing to reduce our footprint?  Contact the Manager, Sustainability Programs, Philip Mansfield at sustain@carleton.ca.