About the program

The Intensive English Language Training (IEL) Program is a full time, open enrollment program.  Courses are offered on campus at Carleton University in Ottawa.

The IEL Program helps students and professionals achieve results – from basic introduction to English to advanced, academic and work-relevant communication. The program offers 23 hours of English instruction per week with rich opportunities for communication and experience in the Ottawa community, and is an excellent gateway into regular studies at Carleton University for those who want to enter degree programs.

The program is managed and taught by Carleton University faculty members and expert ESL professionals using the latest research-informed teaching methods.

For professionals and personal interest students:

The primary emphasis is on real-life communication in English, developed through a wide range of activities and experiences. There is a balance among the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, with a particular focus on spoken language throughout the program.

For university preparation/English for academic purposes:

For those who are studying in preparation for regular university study, the program prepares you for entry to Carleton’s Foundation Program – ESLA (see details:https://carleton.ca/slals/credit-esl/) . The Intensive program curriculum is linked to the ESLA curriculum, and a semester or two of Intensive Program study should enable you to reach the entrance standard for ESLA, which enables you to begin taking university credits.

Credit ESL – School of Linguistics and Language Studies


Welcome to our Credit ESLA page. With three levels of Academic English as a Second Language courses, our Foundation Program is designed to help you to improve your English proficiency while also taking a limited number of additional credit(s) at the University.

The ELLTI Advantage

Small classes allow for plenty of individual attention, and interaction with teachers and others, native speakers and highly proficient English speakers. Individually tailored learning plans can be developed for students with specific needs.

Every student in the program will work with at least one mentor, a regular university student who will provide individual help with language development, working with you on specific language points such as pronunciation, writing, listening and speaking, specific areas of language use, whatever you want or need. The mentor will also provide support in cross cultural awareness, acculturation to university life, and more. Our mentors are all studying to be English teaching experts, and are Masters or PhD students.

Who should take this program

  • University and college students who need to improve English proficiency
  • Students wishing to improve English proficiency to study in Canada
  • Professional people who need to improve English proficiency
  • People who work in positions which require English for international communication
  • Professional people who need to attain particular CAEL,  IELTS, TOEIC, or TOEFL scores
  • People with an interest in international travel or business


Admission requirements

  • 18 years of age or older
  • The program does not require you to pass any tests before starting your studies, you are guaranteed a place in the program when your fees have been paid.

Visa requirements for international students

Once full deposit is received, Carleton University will issue international students an invitation letter.  We do not provide any travel related support.  If the visa is denied,  the fees will be refunded upon provision of adequate proof.

What you can expect at the start of the course?

When you arrive, a free placement test will be given by Carleton teachers on the first day of classes to determine your English level. If you have previously obtained scores on standardized tests (eg. IELTS, TOEFL or CAEL) this will also help us understand your English level.

When you successfully complete a level in the program, you will progress to the next one with no extra testing.

If you wish to enter the Credit ESL (ESLA) Foundation Program at Carleton University, you can take a standardized test at any point during their Intensive English program to qualify. https://carleton.ca/slals/credit-esl/

Registration information

Please select the session that you would like to attend and fill out the registration form with your contact details.  You will receive an email for payment once we have the required number of students to conduct the session. We do not require you to submit any documents at this point.

Questions ?

For further information on the registration process, please contact ellti@carleton.ca or 613-520-2600 ext 4216.