• Background: EMSLab was founded in August 2016 by Dr. Mohamed Atia (PhD 2013, Queen’s University, NSERC Postdoc 2016, University of Waterloo, Assistant Professor 2016, Carleton University). It is established based on 16 years of blended industry and academic experience in signal processing, estimation, real-time embedded systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Currently holding several NSERC and industrial collaboration grants working on three main research areas: 1) automotive guidance and navigation, 2) Indoor navigation and context awareness and 3) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) navigation, guidance, and control.
  • Platforms and Research Projects:
    Automotive navigation: Sensor fusion is implemented on real-time embedded systems to power automotive navigation, guidance, and safety. EMS has developed an optimized GPS/INS sensor fusion for automotive microcontroller-based embedded system written in ANSI C language. For more advanced systems that can support vision and digital maps information, the Graphical Processing Units (GPU) enabled computing platform (NVIDIA Jetson TX2) is used to build a multi-sensor platform for autonomous navigation. All developments are done in C/C++ programming. A FREE open-source DEMO for GPS/INS integration written in MATLAB is available here!

    Small scale UAVs: For UAVs, and due to power and weight constraints, sensor fusion is commonly implemented on limited resources embedded computing platforms. The figure shows a ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller board used extensively in EMS to implement sensor fusion using C/C++ programming.
    Indoor Navigation is performed using inertial sensors (currently existing in our smartphones) to calculate 3D movements and orientation changes. Fusing this 3D motion detection with wireless networks, enables indoor navigation for mobile devices. A FREE open-source DEMO for wireless indoor positioning using ZigBee networks is available here!
    Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) using Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). 3D orientation calculation system that can be used in wide range of robotic and navigation platforms. The implementation is performed using efficient ANSI C code on microcontroller. A FREE open-source MATLAB DEMO version is available here!