Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• What do I do for budget? Class supplies? 
Each EMCP mini-course is allocated $125.00 for class expenses. You can use this amount towards class materials, snacks, etc. You will need to keep the original receipts to submit for refunds.

• How do I arrange for access to computer lab? Other sites on campus? 
Book your computer lab by emailing The program was assigned a limited number of computer labs. Book early to ensure access to computer lab time.

• What are the logistics behind the field trips?
If planning a field trip, inform parents during the orientation on Sunday. It is recommended that they sign a permission slip (sample at the For transportation, book a school bus with, specifying the dates and destination address. Each school bus has a capacity of 45-48 people, so 2 classes are booked per trip.
School buses leave Carleton at around 9:45 am and arrive back on campus at 2 pm (no later). Private vehicles are not allowed to be used for field trips.

The school boards require 1 instructor/volunteer per 10 students (1:10 ratio). Contact me if you require an additional volunteer to meet this requirement.

• Can I arrange for online journaling/blogging? 
Yes, by using cuLearn or other external applications.

• What do I do if I ‘lose’ a student? How does student tracking work generally? 
Inform campus Safety by calling 613-520-4444. We’ll have to dispatch a search team. A buddy system works well… assigning each student a buddy when off-campus.

There is an emergency number provided in the class list. However the first step is to contact Campus Safety (613.520.4444), then the visiting teacher supervisor, school bus attendant and finally the school board.

• How can I get an IMS key? IT support?
Make arrangement with the Classroom Technology Services (CTS) at D283 Loeb to get a console key. CTS is part of Instructional Media Service and can be contacted at 613-520-3815

• How do I deal with classroom emergencies?
In case of emergency, Call 613-520-4444 immediately. More info at this web page (item #3).

• Do I have to use cuLearn? Can my students get WiFi access?
No, cuLearn is not mandatory but if you intend to use it, prior arrangement must be made through EDC. Access to WiFi is available by using the same login information for computer labs.

Frequently Asked Questions (For Students)