The emotional geographies lab is happy to announce that we host art journaling drop-in sessions. A Zoom meeting URL will be posted here before each session. All are welcome. Prompts will be provided, but we are also collecting inspiring or generative things (stories, images, links, songs, etc) as seeds for prompts – so please send contributions to

What is art journaling?

Our interpretive and representational moves are both supported and confounded by affective and emotional material that is often not directly knowable. Many students are trained to critically analyse and explain but we have few pedagogical tools for learning from and with non-rational synthesis. Art journaling involves using whatever visual resources are available – from cut-and-paste collage to stickers and coloured pencils – as a way to sit with or process things, so that we can come to know the content and/or ourselves differently. It works through playful, tactile, open-ended engagement with materials. Artistic skill is NOT required. Journals are generally private, but working on them together (in the classroom, and hopefully online) can invite interesting conversations and connections. Prompts are often provided, not as a question to be answered, but as a catalyst or spark. The use of art journaling in the classroom is a pedagogical experiment developed by Sophie Tamas as a way to support learning and learners. Your feedback is welcome.


If you have a favourite journaling page that you’d like to share, please send us a picture (and tell us if you would like it to be posted anonymously).

Prompt Bank