Each summer, the Government of Canada taps into a rich pipeline of talent, hiring Carleton students for co-op work terms. Bringing energy, ideas, knowledge and news skills to the workforce, these terms also provide valuable work experience for the students and foster development of highly-trained potential future hires.

Fourth-year biology student Sarita Cuadros Sanchez completed two semesters with Health Canada’s Ionizing Radiation Health Sciences Division, and she now has her sights set on a public service career – along with the skills she needs to succeed with the federal government.

Sarita Cuadros Sanchez

Sarita Cuadros Sanchez

“One of my teaching assistants suggested that a co-op work term could help give me opportunities,” says Cuadros Sanchez.

And, indeed, her work with Health Canada has had a powerful effect, shaping Cuadros Sanchez’s vision for the future. Now that she knows more about the scientific research that the government does, she is planning her career path – and the public service is a top destination for her.

Co-op students like Sarita Cuadros Sanchez are available for work terms ranging from four to 16 months, giving your workplace the flexibility to choose the best fit for your needs. Gain the advantage of new, career-ready recruits with the competencies they need to succeed in the public service before their degrees are in hand. Get started now by emailing co-op@carleton.ca.

Cuadros Sanchez says her work term informed her of the studies needed to obtain certain positions. It also helped her upskill around specific federal government proficiencies, giving her an advantage when it comes to public service job competitions.

“I knew that people (in the public service) did academic research and published papers,” says Cuadros Sanchez.

“But I never had a sense of how the government does their part. I want to be a part of research that helps make sure Canadians—and people around the world—are safe and healthy.”

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