Want to learn more about what is available for your students or have people come in and do workshops/presentations? Here is what’s available to you:

High School Tutorial Program

Let your students know about these drop in tutorial workshops that help students excel in Advance Functions, Physics and Calculus.

Robots Rule Workshop

Bring your students on campus to explore programming for autonomous cars. Using small 3PI robots, students create code that enables the robot to follow a meandering line—the first step in driving a “road.”

Dean’s Guidance Breakfast

Meet the Dean of Engineering and learn more about the opportunities available to your students that chose this education/career path and debunk any myths in regards to the program.

Student Ambassador Program

Carleton now has 2 reading breaks and our students are volunteering their time to present their experience to local high schools. Want to know what led them to engineering? Give advice on High School to Post-Secondary transition? Why a career path in STEM has benefited them?

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