Applications for the W.E. Cowie Award are now being accepted (through your department) and your innovative idea could be worth $10,000!

The innovation that set your capstone project apart or that gave your team a competitive edge could be awarded the W.E. Cowie Innovation Award. The $10,000 award is given annually to an engineering student or team of students in the last year of a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Apply now and demonstrate your top-quality innovation and interdisciplinary ideas.

The award was established in 2006 by Alexandra Cowie in memory of her husband Wilbur Elliot Cowie, PEng. The award recognizes creative people and encourages their talents to flourish for humanity’s benefit. All participants demonstrate a strong level of interdisciplinarity, often extending their fields of interest beyond the parameters of their disciplines.

Applications must include:

  • A summary of your innovative work on a given project or across multiple projects including reference to the role of innovation in your future plans
  • Letter(s) of support from faculty member(s)
  • For group applications, the submissions should contain details regarding the innovative work of each individual in the group


Application packages must be submitted through the Chair of the Department.  If a team of students from different departments is applying, submit through the Chair of the Department to which the majority of the students belong.


All applications must be submitted to the Chair of the Department by April 13, 2017. Please review the award application document for further information.

For clarification and further details, please contact:

Prof. Donald Russell
3091 Minto Centre

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