Professors Oren Petel and Steve Ulrich of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering are among six Carleton University researchers who have been awarded funding from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade through the Early Researcher Awards (ERA) program.

Each will receive $100,000 from the ministry and $50,000 in matching funds from Carleton to cover expenses for undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research assistants, associates and technicians.

“We are grateful to the Ontario government for this funding and their recognition of our early-career researchers as leaders in these diverse and vital areas of study,” said Rafik Goubran, Carleton vice-president (Research and International).

Prof. Petel’s research focuses on the dynamic behaviour of materials at high-strain rates in relation to concussions and concussion prevention. This funding will enable him to investigate how the brain and skull respond to impacts using a high-speed X-ray imaging system he has designed and built at Carleton. This will provide the knowledge required to design superior helmets.

Prof. Ulrich is the founding director of Carleton’s Spacecraft Robotics and Control Laboratory comprised of 10 researchers who focus on path planning, control, robotics and computer vision connected to autonomous spacecraft. His current research addresses the problem of space debris—where collisions of large fragments hinder access to space. He will develop methods that enable robotic spacecraft to autonomously and safely interact with space debris.

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