The Faculty of Engineering and Design is delighted to acknowledge the winners of Carleton University’s 2021 Achievement Awards, which are bestowed annually in recognition of the distinction of our faculty, instructors and librarians.

Research Achievement Awards

The Carleton University Research Achievement Awards are administered by the Office of the Vice-President (Research and International) to recognize outstanding research achievements. The awards were established in 1989 to enhance the quality of research and to recognize research excellence. The recipients’ terms run from May to April.

Cynthia Cruickshank – Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Best Use of Coconuts: Pina Coladas or Saving Energy?

Buildings account for 28% of Canada’s total energy consumption and 22% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, two-thirds of which are attributed to space heating and cooling demands. Phase change materials (PCMs) are a novel heat energy storage technology that can significantly reduce the energy required to heat and cool buildings. This research project will examine sustainable PCMs such as coconut oil and soy oil in their suitability for reducing energy, cost, and emissions in buildings.

Richard Yu – School of Information Technology

Securing Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) have the potential to drastically alter the way people, goods and services travel, with benefits ranging from reducing accidents to supporting pandemic response. Despite the promising vision of CAVs, significant cybersecurity challenges need to be addressed before widespread deployment. This project develops innovative strategies to make CAVs resilient to cyber attacks and enhance the overall safety and security of CAVs.

Teaching Achievement Awards

The Carleton University Teaching Achievement Awards are intended to enhance the teaching of their recipients and the quality of instruction at Carleton.

Onita Basu – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Developing Critical Analysis Skills and Compassion Through a WASH Based Approach to Capstone Design Projects in Engineering

Development of engineers with a global mindset will enable Carleton trained engineering students to share their skills and knowledge with compassion and caring to help shape a brighter future for our planet. This program engages students to support work in developing nations and marginalized communities to foster cross cultural awareness while enhancing their applied skill sets. Students will participate in real projects in water and wastewater that will have tangible outcomes based on genuine needs propelling them towards excellent global citizenship. Currently, Dr. Basu has grassroots projects in Ecuador and Tanzania.

Contract Instructor Teaching Awards

The Carleton University Contract Instructor Teaching Awards recognize teaching excellence by Contract Instructors.

Bruce Wallance – Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

“As Executive Director of the AGEWELL SAM3 Hub, I research applications of sensors, signal processing and artificial intelligence to create solutions that enable independence for aging adults. Allowing them to age in place and have active, socially engaged lives. As a contract instructor, I enjoy supporting the success of students as they learn new and sometimes difficult concepts that provide them with the tools to move into careers and also build solutions that help others.”

Contract Instructor Teaching Innovation Grant

This grant provides support to a contract instructor for investigating student learning and alternative approaches to teaching and assessing student learning at the individual, departmental, Faculty, or institutional level.

Ahmad Hemami – Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

“Students minds can easily glide away during a lecture. This project intends to enhance student learning by making him/her more attentive to the subject matter and less distracted. The idea is to replace lectures by computer-based projects, through which the student grasps the material by analysis or answering a set of questions, carefully designed for this purpose. Each project leads a student, step by step, to the expected facts, formula or procedure to be learnt.”

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