Faculty of Engineering and Design

Interim Dean

Fred F. Afagh, PhD, P.Eng

Associate Deans

Chairs and Directors

Associate Dean – Research & Graduate Studies
Xin Wang, PhD, P.Eng
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chair – Paul Van Geel, PhD, P.Eng
Associate Dean – Policy & Planning
Donald Russell, PhD, P.Eng (NS)
Department of Electronics
Chair – Niall Tait, PhD, P.Eng
Associate Dean – Student Affairs
Richard Dansereau, PhD, P.Eng, SMIEEE
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Chair – Ronald Miller, PhD, P.Eng
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
Chair – Yvan Labiche, PhD, P.Eng
Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism
Director – Jill Lahn Stoner, M.Arch
School of Industrial Design
Director – Bjarki Hallgrimsson, MS&E
School of Information Technology
Director – Christopher Joslin, PhD