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When: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021
Time: 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm

Online via Zoom


The ability to characterize cells and tissues helps us understand the progression of diseases, detect lesions with a high risk for acute events, and even provides information that can be applied towards the development of new drugs and therapies. Multimodal nonlinear optical microscopy (NLOM) is a powerful tool that can be used for visualizing key tissue components, such as collagen and elastin, which are involved in detrimental remodelling of several tissues when the healing process goes awry.

In this talk, Prof. Mostaço-Guidolin will share how the analysis of microscopy images could help us track changes happening inside of airways due to asthma. She will also discuss how 3D-bioprinting technology can be combined with microscopy to construct simplified models of complex biological systems and help us understand fundamental mechanisms associated to tissue remodelling, potentially leading to new therapeutic strategies for different diseases.

About the Speaker

Dr. Leila Mostaço-Guidolin is an Assistant Professor with Carleton University’s Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and is leading the establishment of the Tissue Engineering and Applied Materials (TEAM) Hub. Her current work is focused on the development and application of imaging modalities to characterize biological tissues, including 3D in-vitro models. Dr. Mostaço-Guidolin is a Medical Physicist by training (University of São Paulo, Brazil) working in close collaboration with the National Research Council and holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering (University of Manitoba). Her main research area is related to combining microscopy and tissue engineering to better understand changes associated with fibrosis and extracellular matrix remodelling in diseases.

About the Series

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