Equipment in the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory includes:

  • three thermographic cameras;
  • a sixteen-channel biological signal acquisition system for collecting myoelectric signals, ECGs, and EEGs;
  • AlphaMOS Prometheus and Cyranose electronic noses;
  • electrical impedance tomography and respiratory inductance plethysmography systems;
  • a benchtop NMR spectrometer; and
  • ultrasonic medical imaging/measurement systems

Advanced technologies being developed for diagnostics and treatment include:

  • signal processing and compression of medical data in noisy environments;
  • artificial intelligence systems for estimating clinical outcomes in neonatal intensive care and other medical situations;
  • intelligent sensor systems for remote monitoring;
  • myoelectric control of upper arm prostheses, prediction of gene regulation and protein structure and function through bioinformatics;
  • diagnostic aid tool for rheumatoid arthritis;
  • imaging of regional lung function using electrical impedance tomography; and
  • ultrasonic medical imaging and diagnosis as well as applications in telesurgery and telemedicine.