Carleton opened the Dipak and Tara Roy Advanced Sensor Processing Laboratory in November 2011, thanks to a generous gift from Carleton graduates Dipak and Tara Roy. The advanced senor processing facility enables students and researchers to collect and study real-world sensor data to develop the next generation of radio frequency and acoustic multi-channel applications.

Sensors used in medical instruments and imaging, wireless communications, and radar and sonar are only as good as the user’s ability to process the massive amount of data generated. With that in mind, the Dipak and Tara Roy Advanced Sensor Processing Laboratory is helping researchers to take wireless communications further, to improve medical instruments and imaging, and to strengthen the intelligence and defence industries.

Thanks to financial and technical support from Roy’s company D-TA Systems, including the donation of the lab’s signature piece of equipment, the D-TA Systems Multi-Sensor Interface, students can explore a variety of advanced applications that were previously hindered by the complexities of hardware interfacing.