At PCL, you can be an owner of one of the most dynamic construction companies in North America. The PCL family of companies is a group of independent construction companies that carries out work across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and in Australia. As a diversified general contractor in the civil infrastructure, heavy industrial and buildings markets, PCL celebrates the past and builds for the future. Locally, PCL is based in the National Capital Region and employs over 250 full-time construction professionals.

When completing a student work term at PCL, you are part of the strongest team in the industry. Here, you help solve the most complex construction challenges and realize the most ambitious engineering and architectural visions. A student term at PCL is an opportunity to bring your knowledge to life. We will help you build a strong foundation for future success and provide opportunities for career advancement. PCL takes pride in supporting its student program and encourages learning and development by providing meaningful work experiences. We treat PCL students as we do our salaried employees and will provide you with plenty of experience and exposure during your placement. The optimal result is for you to return to school knowing you have made your mark, while leaving you wanting to return for future student placements and ultimately full-time employment.

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